One word of the President

The observation of Prof Dana York and advice

The children don’t get sick 

Maybe they have been vaccinated with something new like Rujeolla vaccin ... that might help 


Professor Honoris Causa Dr Dana York, DDS MS PhD, Master is in Biophysics and Cellular Technology, former NYU Cl As Prof. , an American Citizen

My observations to today are as following:

1.       Wuhan setting lab. Coincidence?!?  we don’t know.

2.       I asked professors around the world and they told me, there is not the same virus … because that was in 2003 and as looking in the explanation of the COV 19 virus, have a different size than COV1 from the brevet.

3.       But that was in 2003, by now they would have had the time to manipulate and improve to COV 19

4.       The Spreading show a weird pattern that may be! iatrogenic! (that means man made)?

5.       Bats for the testing lot are used. it is such a coincidence that the same Bicellular Laboratory it is located in the same place with the wet market ?! wet markets are everywhere !!! butcher shops are everywhere; high clearance virology labs are not everywhere!!!

6.       How come institute pastor have 1000000 vaccines for China?

7.       Why prof Rault is furious? as chloroquine is called veninous

8.       Apparently, Virus mutates in Europe

9.       Virus in Africa kills people as fast as in China or Europe

10.   Church spread??? Why not disco? Supermarket? Bar? Why not steeper joint? Why all this church: how come, out of the sudden, many churches they have the contamination?

11.   Some statistics expertly should run the numbers up to see whet is that in statistics evidence

12.   End February, a flight from China enters France with no border control whatsoever on the health of the passengers

13.   800 Lombardian football Supporters came from the infected zones also at the end of February with no control and filled an entire Stadium in Marseille avec les francaise

14.   Rubéole Ancient vaccin poux aide

15.   Trouve des antiseptiques utilise pour sa … presque tous. Le star Clorox! best parfum 2020, Always liked It.

16.    no masks to be found to buy for the population or private medical practices, no alcohol in the pharmacies here in south of France

17.   3 masks and 6 bonnets are the help we got last Thursday, Saturday was impossible to get it, I will try on Monday; no tests provided, no antiseptics, no treatment kits

18.   No testing available except for the hospital … overwhelmed,

19.   Everybody in the house to avoid spreading, French Police doing an outstanding Job! They area truly good

20.   We started to rewash the masks we already have used  

21.   Paper from 1999 suggest Ritonavir as good antivirus solution

22.   Sinus rinse is important, to keep the respiratory track well clear for breading

23.   Ventilation unit O2 are important and the COV 19 patient have pneumonia and need oxygen

24.   Hydrocoloquine 250 mg, Lloyds Pharmacy 1/ pack per person

25.   Clorox Spay and disinfectant … is good

26.   Put door Carpet soaked in Clorox at the door … if somebody arrives

27.   Get food, supplies, soap

28.   Take often hot showers

29.   Prof Rault furious at the French authorities for taking chloroquine out of pharmacies and not giving immediate help and action

30.   The hair dryer on the sinuses lungs and bronchi will heat the tissues and calm any respiratory infection: my dad was doing that in the 70s, truly works

31.   Ritonavir Mylan 100 mg 30 comp rimes

32.   Psychology of aggressivity during infectious outbreaks, it is an important issue , keep respectful and solidaire 

33.   Keeping the moral high is important

34.   The microbiological lab in Wuhan doing viral research and using as lab test animals Baths…. Let’s escape by one accident one or more lab test animals: in purpose or by accident.

35.   Maybe be a coincidence, but truly weird, how come it happens in Wuhan where this lab is,

36.   How comes the bats? Exactly like the lab tests animals? the market animals are well cooked, would reduce the risk of infection

37.   But the wet market might look like a lab and is dirty, so it is possible that this was a potentially infection by natural.

38.   You arrive home … you spray the foot soles with Clorox solution , leave the shoes , bag, our of the house undress completely, put all your clothes including the shoes in the washing machine … secure your home… take a hot shower …. Disinfect bag keys phone and then relax and enjoy.

39.   Sleep a lot, take vit C.

40.   Do Stretching Yoga Helps.

41.   The virus makes holes in the lungs very quick, even 2 hours from infection, depends on the host.

42.   The virus does not resist at more than 26 Celsius.

43.   Drink a lot! … Hot water, Tea, just water, often, the virus once arriving in the stomach, the acids will kill it.

44.   Late 2019 became make sick people in China

45.   I hope the natural explanation for the this

46.   What is virus

47.   Viruses, 100 of them they can fit into a cell, they come in many forms, a small collection of genes 

48.   The viral genes get into the cells: corona is a general family of viruses, corona means Crowns

49.   Once in place the corona virus waits until accepted by the cells, unfortunately the national process of evolution mutation may occur , this happened where more than 2 virus infect same cell : in rare occasions, a spill over event, , usually not a perfect match , the mutation

50.   If the virus is long enough, bang, a next disease? This slow evolution

51.   Sars: bats _ bears _ human

52.   Mers: Bats _ camels _ humans

53.   HIV: monkey - Humans

54.   Chicken _ humans

55.   Bats _ Pangolins _ human

56.   Pangolins are protected animals,

57.   The chances that a new disease it takes time

58.   What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas; At least not as it used to

59.   New virus evolves from old virus

60.   Visit WHO

61.   Prof Gabrielle Lien claim 60 % of the population might become infected he fight the Sars virus

62.   Precautions: a world where people are venturing in Masks, this is the new normal

63.   I can’t believe that the disease started among of a wild colony of bats, or in a food market

64.   CORONA cause Pneumonia with 🕳 in the lungs and kidney failure , control blood pressure and liquid intake , airways

65.   Sars 17 countries, COV 19 is more infected and more difficult to try to control

66.   Corona virus spreads far more rapidly, the infection rate become exponential

67.   First sign feeling tired, no more taste, fiver,

68.   We are grateful one more time to the french police that one more time shows amaising

69.   This is a pendemi with more 13000 mort today

70.   I think the figures in chine are not real

 71. Europe is trialing Hydroxychloroqine, but on its own, & it looks like they are not trialing azithromycin, just the antiviral Remdesivir & the antiretrovirals Lopinavir & Ritonavir, also separately, not combined with chloroquine. pfffff.

72. Congratulation to our President Trump for his fast response and care , and to Luxembourg with alone found 700 + cov 19 infected... only because they test by cars 

73 congratulation to The idea for cleaning the streets with antiseptic and soaps in vapeurs 

74 Congratulation to all medical personal army and police 

75. we need to test each patient before going in a private medical facility or hospital 

76. The car drive test are the best 

77. Luxembourg made new hospitals in seconds

78. Patients should go Alone to the doctor 

79. Rules have to be kept to protect medical personal 

80. 1 patient at the time 

81. No coming without appointment 

82. We need to prepare for each patient ! In advance and have the time to sterilize and to prépare ourself 

83. Vidéo audio consultations with prescriptions transférés directed to the pharmacy 

84. Keep the patients respectful to the medical 🏥 personal 

85. Condoléances to all that have lost fathers to pneumonia caused by COV 19 ( 2 of my closed friends)

86. Plaquenil in France is Hydrocloroquine

87. Soak a doorcarpet in Clorox to prevent feet 🦶 contamination

88. Must test before getting in front of a doctor 👩‍⚕️ 👨‍⚕️ 

89. Buy supplied on line by yourself tests masks chloroquine 

90. Clean clean 🧽

91. Where gloves outside , if arrived with shopping leave the packaging outside before touching the goods , eventually spray then and the letters from the mailbox as elle 

92. Protect all others and yourself by wearing masks while in supermarket or bank or pharmacy 

Don’t travel 

93. Stay home

94. If it that you go our make sure you have mask well placed 

Etanch, glasses and pants 👖 and hat

As simple dressed as possible 

95. Carry a spray Clorox and spray in from of you. It is a 1 € expenses but is worthed

96. Ask one neighbor if goes out to get you supply 

Don’t go out 

Go on line 

Get delivery 

97. Clear nostrilles drink tea 

98. Keep happy 😊

The droplets transmition